Kilimiraka Prospect

Following drilling carried out in the first half of 2011, MZI identified a large Inferred Resource at Kilimiraka in the south west of Bathurst Island on the Tiwi Islands.  The resource is located in four large dunal systems located behind the current shoreline. It has no overburden and low rock and clay. 

Subject to approvals, Kilimiraka has the potential to underpin a long-life mining operation and will build upon the extensive experience and goodwill already generated with stakeholders on the Tiwi Islands. 

 MZI is currently planning further exploration activities on its Kilimiraka mineral sands project on the Tiwi Islands.

Inferred Resources – Kilimiraka Mineral Sands Project
  Tonnes (Mt) % Heavy Mineral Tonnes Heavy Mineral
Tutuyangu 14.7 1.6 231,800
Punnari 4.7 2.3 109,300
Tingati 6.3 1.5 92,600
Total Western Deposit 25.6 1.7 433,700
Eastern Deposit 30.6 1.5 460,000
Total Kilimiraka 56.2 1.6 893,700

Aerial Photo - Kilimiraka

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